What is SEO on page Optimization?


On-page SEO is the process of optimizing in Side of website or any pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. SEO On page Optimization is a Most Powerful factors for Search Engine ranking On Page SEO can have a big impact on your Website or Web Page’s ability to

Following On Page SEO Factors are Very Important

1 Keywords Analysis Report
2 Initial Ranking Report
3 URL Mapping Report
4 Meta Tag (Title, Description, Keywords)
5 H Tags (H1, h2, h3, h4, h5)
6 Image Optimization (Alt Tags)
7 Canonical Issue
8 Keyword Optimization
9 Webmaster & Google Analytics Setup
10 Robots.txt file
11 Xml Sitemap
12 HTML Sitemap
13 Deep Linking
14 External Link Check
15 Content Duplicacy Check
16 Page Content Optimization
17 Keywords in Content
18 Boost Site Speed

(1) Keywords Research and Analysis Report
Keywords are the Name Of Your Products, Services and method of finding information on search engine.
Keywords are define your Business of Website, keywords are 1st very effectively on your website will help you tell a better information to both your visitors and search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.)

(1) Keywords Research and Analysis Report

(2) Initial Ranking Report
Rankings Report Overview. It for just tracking your ranking in the future. When you first head to your Rankings Report you’ll be presented where you’re standing before Starting SEO and what improvement after starting SEO in monthly based the movement up or down, a breakdown of Rankings movement up or down, and total tracked keywords with a link to Add & Manage Keywords

Initial Ranking Report

(3) Keyword URL Mapping
Keyword URL mapping is the process of determining which keywords are most relevant for which page of a website and according ULR mapping we Work on SEO off page Activities also update and optimize content in the targeted pages.

Keyword URL Mapping

(4) Meta Tag (Title, Description, Keywords)
Meta tags are a very important SEO on Page factors it really effect on your Website ranking and traffic, Meta Tags snippets of text that describe about Services, product and a page’s content; the meta tags don’t appear front of the page itself, but its appearing only in the page’s code and Search Results.

Title, Description, Keywords

Result Page for Example

Meta Tag

(5) Heading Tags (H1, h2, h3, h4, h5)
Headings Tag is defined about your content main title also about your services and products. Search engine (Google, Yahoo and Bing) gives more value to H1 and H2 Headings tags Headline tag are using for define with the tags <h1> defines the most important heading. h6> definitely the least important heading

H1 tag

(6) Image Optimization (Alt Tags)
ALT tags are used to describe the image you are using in your website or pages or blog post Google doesn’t identify until we use ALT tags in the image (it can call image Name) for justifying which images are you using in website what kind of images.

alt tag-Image Optimization

(7) Canonical Issue
A canonical issue arises when 301 redirects are not properly working. This means that your website can be accessed by search engines from several different URLs. For example www.xyz.com and www.xyz.com/index.html this means that search engines can understand two different pages of your website it meaning that it will look like a set of the duplicated pages and content

Canonical Issue

(8) Webmaster Tools Setup
Google Webmaster Tools gives website owners important free resources they need to target country, track Keywords ranking, Impressions and more. Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) are free Google tool that can help you manage the technical side.

Webmaster Tools Setup

(9) Google analytics Tools Setup
Analytics tool using for track Real time visitor, geo location, identify visitors age, check how much traffics come from which country and more

Google analytics Tools Setup

(10) Robots.txt
Robots.txt is a text file webmasters create to instruct Search Engine (Google, yahoo, Bing) Robots which file or Pages cowling or not Crawling in your website.


(11) Sitemap.xml
Sitemaps.xml a protocol to allow to informing search engines about the Website and pages on the particular website those are available for crawling.
The XML Sitemap is an XML file that lists all of the URLs for a Website, blog and Books, etc. It allows to include All pages of website and additional information about each page, when it was last updated and also you can set the value of particular pages for search engine.

XML Sitemap

(12) Html Sitemap
HTML Sitemap is one of the SEO important tactics for including all pages and crate link stretchers all pages of website for user we using html sitemap for users not search engine you can distribute your link juice efficiently within your site
Html site Map for users not Search engine carolers

Html Sitemap

(13) Deep Linking
Deep linking refers to the inclusion of hyperlinks to Keywords (Product, Services) In content directing to related pages. The practice is used in SEO to guide visitors to pages that contain more informative content.

Deep Linking

(14) External Link Check
Website Owners and webmasters must check external links (other website link) on website and website pages to ensure the quality of a website Links, External Link no harm full but we need to do link high domain authority and high quality website link to it can give me good value. External link can do no follow so our website value not shares to external website.

External Link Check

(15) Content Delicacy Check
High quality and unique Content is hart of website and most important factor of SEO ranking So we check content is unique or Duplicate, Copied content might confuse Google. If your content is on multiple pages on your or other websites, Google won’t know what to rank first.

Content Delicacy Check
We can check content through www.copyscape.com

(16) Content Optimization
Content Optimization is third most important factors of SEO but makes content ‘good’ from an SEO perspective.
How we can optimize content

Content Optimization

A. Optimize Headline (h1 tag, h2, h3, h4 etc) include your top important keywords in headline.
B. Make bold your Keywords in content.
C. Hyperlink to keywords for relevant page.
D. Add exact mach keyword in content.
E. Main keywords use in fairest paragraph in the content.

(17) ALT tags
ALT tag to important for identifying image, Google don’t identify the image which kind of image you are using in website Google identify the image by ALT name, ALT attribute specifies an alternate text for an image and at gag not display in front end it use in coding..

ALT Code from html website image src=”xyz.jpg” alt=”Image Name”>

For CMS website provide an option when you upload the image on a website you can add ALT tag, and if you want change alt tag already uploaded image so you can go media folder and click the image which image you want add ALT then show option for change alt.

(18) website Speed Optimization
Website (Load time) speed Optimization is a measurement of how fast download the website content on your web browsers. Google announced that website speed will be a ranking factor in search engine.

website Speed Optimization