The Various Types of IT Service Providers Explained

IT service provider

Before hiring an IT Service provider in Auckland for your business, it’s important to understand the variety of IT service providers. In fact, there is a very wide diversity in IT service providers itself that a wrong hiring might cause you to regret your decision. IT service providers, also known as ITSPs, are often perceived as a single entity, however, this is not the case.

The fuzziness in the IT service provider niche owes itself to the little effort that has been put to standardize the services. Understanding the different type of ITSPs is important to make the right choice regarding an IT service provider. The following section briefs up of all important types of ITSPs.

Resellers and VARs

IT service provider in Auckland

As the name suggests, resellers are the firms that purchase services and then modify them and finally provide to the clients. Another type of resellers is the VARs a.k.a. Value Added Resellers. Unlike pure resellers, these firms apply a heavy amount of modification to services before making them available for customers.

Addressing common support issues, licensing, product integration, supply chain logistics, and supported configurations are some of the skills featured by a VAR. Like resellers not related to IT, reseller ITSPs make a profit via markup and margins on the services they resell. In addition to relying on quality services from resellers, they can act as consultants with a great expertise.

MSPs (Managed Service Providers)

Managed Service Providers

Many times, the term MSP is used synonymously with ITSP, which isn’t completely correct. This confusion can be attributed to the fact that Manager Service Providers or MSPs are the most popular type of ITSPs. As their name implies, MSPs deal in providing managed services. Unlike resellers, MSPs add a unique packaging to the purchased services before offering them to clients.

Among other perks of making use of an MSP, inexpensive pricing and predictable budget is perhaps the most enticing. MSPs decide what software will be used on the desktops they provide, for instance. Typically, MSPs have a specific software package that they use to manage their clientele.

IT Outsourcers & Consultants

IT outsourcing and IT consultation are alike but vary because of being handled on two distinct scales. These classifications of ITSPs can also be labeled as Unmanaged Service Providers. IT outsourcers don’t work on developing a unique set of service packages and instead offer flexibility by acting as an in-house IT department.

In contrast to MSPs, IT outsourcers and consultants have a contractual bid aiming for doing more work and therefore adding more billing hours to make a profit. There are a number of great IT service provider in Auckland firms that offer different kinds of ITSP needs and requirements.

Professional Services

Professional ITSP services are very flexible and allow for maximum involvement for very specific markets. Unlike most other forms of ITSPs, these services provide only a few specialized services. These services are best for hiring as consultants for processes that require top expertise for very specific but important tasks.


Choosing the right IT service provider for fulfilling your business requirements will boost your productivity. Carefully note down your business requirements before hiring an ITSP.