Physical Servers vs. Virtual Servers: The Showdown

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Doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a physical server or a virtual server hosting Auckland provider for your business, you need to have a clear understanding of these server types. Both physical server and virtual server can belong to a dedicated server or a shared hosting server.

The dedicated server market is growing more rapidly as compared to the shared hosting server niche. While a physical server is an actual server that doesn’t share its hardware and software resources, a virtual server does. However, the virtual server seems like a dedicated server to the user.

Both virtual and dedicated servers can be contrasted in terms of several different factors, ranging from availability to performance. So, which server to choose for your business requiring tech support in Menurewa or elsewhere, physical or virtual? Go down the following section and decide for yourself.

High availability is synonymous with virtualization. It is an inbuilt feature in virtualized servers. If a physical server goes down in an assemblage of servers, depending virtual servers are quickly moved to other reliable servers.

In terms of savings, a virtual server wins over a physical server. Though it is true for most of the cases, there are some exceptions too. Virtualization of servers is a great option to save money when you having a fairly large number of servers. You might find some of the most inexpensive services catering to distinct virtual server hosting Auckland requirements.

Infrastructure Scaling
Infrastructure scaling is a broad concept that deals with appending CPU, RAM, storage, et cetera. Whilst adding a brand new physical server takes some decent planning effort, virtualization allows completing the process with merely pressing just a few buttons. Virtualization allows adding a new server in only a few minutes.

Management Time
Virtualized servers require far less management time than dedicated servers of the same size. This is due to the fact that hardware separation makes management a difficult and complex process in the case of dedicated servers.

Two dedicated servers, one intact and the other one virtualized will make you realize that the virtualized server will provide a little slack in performance. This is by virtue of the virtualization process. However, the slack in performance is only noticeable for servers where thousands of transactions are happening. If increasing performance is your main purpose, then you should definitely opt for a physical server.

There are several reasons that could result in a server fail, ranging from hardware issues to security breaches. Virtual servers are quick to recover as compared to their contemporaries. Many of the firms specializing in providing Tech Support in Menurewa rely on hi-quality disaster-proof recovery servers.

Dedicated servers are more secure than virtual servers even though the latter are easier to be configured for security. The security of a virtual server banks upon several factors in addition of complicating a few items while securing it.


Both virtual and dedicated servers have their own greats and shortcomings. You need to carefully underline your business requirements to assess which of these options works the best for your needs.